How is Destination Cleveland funded?

As a private, non-profit organization, Destination Cleveland is funded by two main sources:

  1. A portion of the Cuyahoga County hotel bed tax, which is collected from people who stay overnight at hotels, makes up 91% of Destination Cleveland's revenue.
  2. Another 8% comes from partnership dues, which are used to produce the Official Visitor's Guide, web tiles and other advertising components that strengthen visibility of partnering businesses as a destination for travelers.

Based on Destination Cleveland’s 2012 audited financial statements, 81% of its total revenue is invested back into the travel and tourism industry. The funding is used in partnership with other industry-related local non-profit organizations and is used to sell and market the destination and investment in projects including Gateway, the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland and the Global Center for Health Innovation. These investments are mandated to measurably grow the travel and tourism industry for the maximum return for the community.

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